We are excited to be welcoming some of the most groundbreaking artists from across the country to our theatres here in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Over 7 days audiences are invited to experience innovative performances, workshops, film and artist talks offered in a variety of spaces throughout the community.


Red Sky Performance

Wind in the Leaves Collective

Solo Chicken Productions

Kaeja d'Dance

Artists in Residence

Nipahtuwet Naka Wespahtuwet Possesom (Possesom Paul)

Artists, Speakers & Hosts

Igor Dobrovolskiy

Charles C. Smith

Sandra Laronde

Susanne Chui

Harrison Burton

Natasha MacLellan

Lisa Anne Ross

Natasha Martin-Mitchell

Elephant Skeletons

Gerry Morita

Jean Kabuta

Robin Lacambra

Olivia C. Davies

Denise Fujiwara

Alfred Bessawa

Patricia Léger

Kai Cheng Thom

Christine Friday

Margaret Grenier

Sophie Dow

Yvonne Chartran


DJ Nalee

Wind in the Leaves Collective Artists

Kevin A. Ormsby - Dancer

BaKari Lindsay - Dancer

Claire Whitaker - Dancer

Michael Mortley - Dancer

Morgyn Schell - Dancer

Shannon Litzenberger - Dancer

Yui Ugai - Dancer

Margarita - Dancer

Andrew McCormack - Lighting Design

Solo Chicken Productions Artists

We Are Luminous Project

Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada Artists

Olga Petiteau - Dancer

Laura Flydorf - Dancer

Tamir Khuyang - Dancer

Eldiyar Daniyarov - Dancer

Thomas Badrock - Dancer

Cameron Fraser-Monroe - Dancer

Stephanie Audet - Dancer

Nozomi Nakabayashi - Dancer

Visual Artists

Ralph Simpson

Jennifer Adam

Vicky Lentz

Jasmin Cull

Brigitte Clavette

Katrina Slade

Alisa Arsenault

Luc Charette

Alevtina Sharapova

Trish Hirschkorn

Red Sky Performance Artists

Jera Wolfe - Choreography

Sarah Di Iorio

Miyeko Ferguson - Dancer

Lindsay Harpham - Dancer

Tyler Layton Olson - Dancer

Jessica Mak - Dancer

Connor Mitton - Dancer

Eliot Britton - Composer

Kinoo Arcentales - Costumes

Alexis Bowles - Lighting Designer

Chris Malkowski - Lighting Director

Marcella Grimaud - Video Director

Daniel Faubert - Head Motion Designer

Sarah Miller - Production Stage Manager

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